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mini goldendoodles

Breed | Mini Goldendoodles

I am so happy with Frankie- and Maya they are very sweet, cuddly, and smart! I would recommend Cutie Spar Pets, especially how they kept me up-to-date info during the adoption process. (and the support is amazing as well!:)

Walter Gonzalez / BELGIUM
my pomsky puppy

Breed | Pomsky 

Cuties Par Pets was great to work with. They were always available to talk if we had any questions and made the process so easy. If you are looking to add a fur baby to your family, Cuties Par Pets is the place. They have several options for arrangements to receive your puppy. Originally our puppy was supposed to come by airplane, but it was too hot so other arrangements were made. Our puppy was driven to a central location with a driver and nanny who took care of him during the long drive. He has been a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for all your help Cuties Par Pets agent, Tina!! THANKS!

Taylor Clark / OHIO
mini aussiedoodle

Breed | Aussiepoo

Ava has introduced extra pleasure to our home than I ever imagined. She is almost getting a month here, and already she has adjusted and is almost completing household training. She’s now signed up for her first pup class. We are so excited. Cuties Par Pets has made this all possible for us. Ava is greater than simply every other dog. She’s smart, loving, and properly behaved. We are blessed. Thank you Cutie SPar.

Hugo Wong / CHINA
cavapoo puppies mn


My journey was once tremendous (except for a couple of days the system went down). My doggy is amazing. When I picked her up at the airport I anticipated her to be a bit traumatized however she was once so candy and sweet immediately. So properly adjusted. She learns speedily and is in advance of the check-in her puppy coaching class!

George Figueroa / ATLANTA
golden retriever

Breed | Golden Retriever

Cutie Spar Pet was easy to work with. They kept me posted on my puppy while making all of the arrangements for him to come to his forever home. I will say you guys did a great job raising him so well.

goldendoodle near me

Breed | Maltipoo

It was very easy to locate and purchase our puppy through Puppy Spot. The pictures, bios, and videos were a big help in choosing the right personality for our dog. We stayed updated on what was happening throughout the time between purchasing and receiving our puppy. She traveled safely to us with a pet transport service that was air-conditioned and equipped with a pet nanny. Highly recommend.

Francisco C. / Northern Ireland
cavapoo puppies for sale ny

Breed | Cavapoo

We are so in love with Halle. She is everything we hoped for and much more. The process was very easy and my kids loved seeing the updates from the breeder. I liked the support and advice from Cuties Par Pets and the breeder. I was apprehensive but it all really worked out. THANKS!

Claire Jensen / NC.USA

Breed | Goldendoodle

I had a wonderful experience with Customer support teams. It was a bit unnerving not knowing the whole process but at the end of the day, I honestly couldn’t be happier. The most challenging time is from when you make the purchase to when you know the travel dates/arrival. Their phone customer service is a work in progress. Well organize them, members!

Holly Mckenzie / Holland
teacup goldendoodle

Breed | Teacup Goldendoodle

I was very satisfied with Cutie Spar Pets. They used suburb breeders. The puppy I received was perfect! Puppy Spot kept me updated on every step that was happening until I received him and even the breeder called to make sure I was satisfied. I think it was expensive though!

Tom Miller / Los Angeles
golden retriever puppies for sale $500

Breed | Golden Retriever

Thank you for allowing me to get my puppy happy and healthy the best part was when her friend traveling with her took good care of her please ask him to text me the picture when I first got to see her as I unzipped her crate he was great with her and with me. Thank a million!

Kristi Lucas / Kentucky
pomsky puppies for sale near me

Breed | Pomsky

Everything was great, from the user-friendly website to customer service. The only thing I didn’t like was I was charged an extra $499 to fly my puppy via special cargo on an airline, instead of a person flying with her, and then we could have accepted her as a human being. $1055 should be enough to cover that.

Claire Jensen / Paris.France
pomsky for sale near me

Breed | Pomsky

I am very happy with Cuties Par Pets and with our great little corgi. Our new puppy healed our broken hearts over the loss of our other corgi due to cancer. My only concern was the great anxiety we felt at having to pick up the puppy at the Washington airport where we have never been. A friend who is very familiar with the airport drove us there the pickup went very smoothly. We highly recommend cutie par pets to anyone looking for a puppy!

Lamar Parks / Florida
aussiedoodle mini

Breed | Aussiedoodle mini

The service is amazing. We will definitely be getting our next dog from them in the future. They made the process effortless and any question I had was always answered. Our new puppy is an absolute angel. We love our new family member.

Jeanne Griffin / NEW YORK
goldendoodle puppies nc rescue,

Breed | Goldendoodle  Rescue

Customer service and communication were both great. The puppy arrived in good condition/health with all necessary documents. The first free vet appointment was a plus. And the app helped to keep track of the dog’s arrival.

Van Aguilar / ITALY
cavapoo puppies nc

Breed | Cavapoo

We bought our precious Shih Tzu at Cutie Spar Pet. I had never purchased a puppy online and they made it a perfect journey. They thought of everything beforehand and handled it seamlessly. We picked up our baby from our chaperone at the airport. She texted us the whole trip to tell us how our puppy was doing. I felt I knew her like a friend by the time we met. I would recommend Cutie Spar Pet to everyone.

Cecelia Briggs / TEXAS
maltipoo puppies for sale alabama

Breed | Maltipoo

I love my puppy she is so happy and playful she loves the beach and so many people stop to comment on how cute she is she loves people and other animals, especially our cat

Jay Payne / MICHIGAN

Breed | Aussiedoodle

Cutie Spar Pets was great! picking up from the airlines was not 🙁 puppy full of urine. Koda has been so much fun and very smart. Thank you!!!

Kristi Lucas / ALABAMA
micro goldendoodle

Breed | Micro Goldendoodle

Our puppy is wonderful. So intelligent and patient. She is hyper but gentle, and just a fantastic addition to the household. I had to miss my two-hour class just to get her!

Walter Gonzalez / California

Breed | Cavapoo

We found Cutie Spar Pets through a random Google search. What great luck!!! I am beyond satisfied with the services I received and of course my sweet Corgi, Poppy. She is a love. Everything went off without a hitch. Thank you so much !!!

Jermaine Allen / BRAZIL
golden retriever

Breed | Golden Retriever 

The staff was very helpful in answering all my questions before we purchase our Pekingese. We were updated every few days as to what was going on with our puppy and the day of arrival was easy. Great service. 22/03/2022

Marianne Hogan / Austin, Texas

Breed | cavapoo

Great experience even though the lines were busy! We renamed Jane to mollie. Mollie loves playing ball and snuggling in. Thank you Sarah her chaperone for bringing her to us.

Ricky Brown / Nashville
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Micro Goldendoodle for sale

Breed | Goldendoodle

The breeders did a great job, we received a loving and fun dog who came to us in good health, with its shots up to date and all the needed documentation. Cutie Spar Pets assistants were great in helping us select the right dog for our family, handling the adoption process, providing updates, and arranging the transportation. The Cutie Spar Pets app is very user-friendly.

Stacy Chapman / Madison, Wisconsin
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goldendoodle puppies ohio

Breed | Doodle

Our puppy is wonderful. He’s playful and energetic. We immediately fell in love with him. Our sales representative was great, very helpful and polite. We did have a problem with the transportation of the puppy to Dallas. We were told that he would be flown on a plane and we would pick him up at Love Field. He was transported in a van that was loaded with dogs in small crates. His trip was around 16 hours in that crate. He was exhausted, hungry and thirsty. He was dirty and had been given a very poor trim. We do not believe that it is in the best interest of these dogs to be transported in this manner.

Betsy Fields / Indianapolis
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Aussiepoo Puppies

Breed | Aussiedoodle

We had a great experience with our cockapoo puppy, she is happy, full of energy, adapted right away to her new environment, and gave us lots of love from the minute she arrived. The whole experience with puppy spot was positive, the only negative was that the airline carrier had been used previously and was not cleaned properly. The puppy was on a clean pad but the bottom of the crate had old pieces of paper stuck to it and just didn’t look clean. For the price and the health of such a young puppy, I would have expected a new crate!

Annette Maldonado / Denver
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