Firstly, it is important to note that: Using our websites or services you are there for agreeing with the terms and conditions before making any purchase in Cutie Spar Pets.

  • Reservation puppies shall be delivered to their new home/owner on the same day
  • All puppies are reserved with a deposit. Male puppies’ reservation ranges from a minimum of  $375, and Female pups’ reservation varies between $460 to $560.
  • When a deposit is made by our customers and a valid receipt is sent for confirmation. Immediately he/ she will receive an Email, text, or call from Us confirming the payment of the letter.
  • Our dog adoption application form will be sent to your email. You are required to fill all the empty spaces with the right responses from the application form, This should take a duration of 3 hours after receiving the form.
  • The balance of the deposit will be cashed into the breeder/owner account upon delivery of your puppy.
  • Finally, if the buyer has made the deposit and later decided not to proceed with the adoption or buying process for whatever reasons. We will return the deposit with 5% of the actual money deducted for charges and others.