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Maltipoo Guide

While there are countless Poodle mixes or Doodle breeds, the Maltipoo takes the spotlight with a few other breeds. In case you’re wondering, Maltipoos are not Poodles. A Maltipoo is often mistaken for a purebred Poodle due to its popularity and similar appearance. However, Maltipoo puppies for sale  Los Angeles both of these dog breeds have their differences and similarities.

For instance, a Maltipoo is a mixed dog breed while a Poodle is purebred. An example of this would be that these breeds have similar coats but different characteristics and backgrounds. This Maltipoo guide created by our team at We Cuties Par Pets will cover important and helpful information about this Doodle breed.

We will cover the Maltipoo’s characteristics, size information, lifespan, temperaments, answers to commonly asked questions, and several other highlights. Whether you’re planning to adopt a Maltipoo from a rescue shelter, purchase from a breeder, or are simply curious – you’ll have a more in-depth understanding of this Poodle mix by the end of this article.


The start of Maltipoo dog breed began in the 1990s. Many sources point to Malta as the Maltipoo’s country of origin. Like most Poodle mixes, the Maltipoo was bred as a hypoallergenic companion dog. A hypoallergenic dog is generally described as ‘nonshedding.’ However, this term led many people to believe that nonshedding dogs do not shed.

What it means is that hypoallergenic nonshedding dog breeds shed much less compared to a dog breed that’s not hypoallergenic. Nonshedding dog breeds like the Maltipoo can make a positive impact on people. Maltipoo puppies for sale in NC For allergy-sensitive people, owning a nonshedding companion as a service dog can make a difference in their lives.

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Generation Information

Red Maltipoo puppies for sale. Like many dog breeds, there are different Maltipoo generations. Learning about a Maltipoo puppy’s generation will help you know exactly what you’re searching for. An easy-to-understand example of a Maltipoo generation is a purebred Poodle mixed with a purebred Maltese.

Since both are purebred, that makes the Maltipoo 50% Poodle and 50% Maltese. Not all Maltipoos are 50% Poodle and 50% Maltese, so it’s important to understand their generations. Some Maltipoos can be 25% Poodle and 75% Maltese or 75% Poodle and 25% Maltese. maltipoo puppies for sale alabama

Many Maltipoo breeders will provide you with acronyms on the Maltipoo. A Maltipoo’s certain generation would likely be labeled as an F1 Maltipoo, F2 Maltipoo, etc. Let’s use F1 Maltipoo as an example.

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Size Information

Maltipoo comes in various sizes. A standard Maltipoo dog breed can grow between 8 to 14 inches high. Generally, the size of a Maltipoo can be referred to as:

  • Teacup Maltipoo
  • Mini Maltipoo
  • Standard Maltipoo
  • Large Maltipoo

By the time a Maltipoo reaches adulthood, its average weight ranges between 5 to 20 lbs.

Temperament & Personality

In case you didn’t know – the Maltipoo’s Poodle parent is one of the smartest dog breeds right below the Border Collie. Mixing a Poodle with a Maltese should result in unique temperaments. Maltipoos are incredibly smart, gentle, and playful. Its temperaments make it suitable for families with children and other household pets.

While these are great traits for a Poodle mix, remember that they could suffer from separation anxiety when there’s a lack of presence. Due to their intelligence, Maltipoos are quick learners. You can prevent your Maltipoo’s bad habits by training it from a young age.




While owners can often be distracted by the cuteness of a Maltipoo breed, keep in mind that it’s important to feed this Poodle mix with the proper nutrition. Feeding Maltipoo with the right stuff will help keep them healthy and active throughout life. It’s important to feed a Maltipoo a complete and balanced diet.

There is dog food created especially for the size of a dog. If you’re raising a teacup Maltipoo, you should stock up on food for smaller dogs. You want to provide your Maltipoo with essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 or Omega 6.

This will help support your Maltipoo companion’s nonshedding and hypoallergenic coat. When purchasing dog food, you should always double-check to ensure there aren’t any filler ingredients. You can check out our Maltipoo dog food recommendations below. Our team researched to save you time and trouble.

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A Maltipoo can sometimes be mistaken for another dog breed due to its similar appearance. For instance, the West Highland Terrier and Poodle are often mistaken for a Maltipoo. Maltipoos often come in certain coat types. There are two coat types to keep in mind: wavy coat and curly coat.

  • Wavy Coat: Think of a straight coat. A wave coat Maltipoo is in between a straight and curly coat. This coat is more likely to shed compared to a curly coat Maltipoo.
  • Curly Coat: If you’re dealing with constant allergies, a curly coat Maltipoo would be a more suitable option. A curly coat Maltipoo is less likely to shed. People often describe a curly coat Maltipoo as a hypoallergenic dog or ‘nonshedding.’

Don’t take the term ‘nonshedding‘ too literally. A curly coat Maltipoo could shed too, but much less than straighter hair dogs.



When you purchase your Maltipoo puppy from a breeder, the price could range between $1,400 to $4,000. If you’re purchasing your Maltipoo companion from out of state, the cost could be higher due to shipping costs.

The cost of a Maltipoo also depends on the rarity of its features. For instance, there are certain colors future Maltipoo owners want and are willing to pay more. You could also adopt a Maltipoo from a rescue shelter. However, it’s often rare finding a Doodle breed in dog shelters.


Maltipoo puppies for sale near me under $500. Maltipoos are incredibly intelligent dogs. You shouldn’t be purchasing a Maltipoo blindly. Before making your decision, you should remember that raising a Maltipoo requires a lot of work, such as taking them to regular vet checkups, grooming, cleaning, taking it out for exercise, etc.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy a Maltipoo | Maltipoo puppies for sale near me

Maltipoo puppies for sale near me. You shouldn’t purchase a Maltipoo if you’re constantly busy and can’t be home. Maltipoos are sensitive dogs, and leaving your companion alone will lead to separation anxiety. This is one of the reasons why the Maltipoo is considered a family dog.

Are Maltipoos Good For People With Allergies?

Yes, Maltipoos can be perfect for dog lovers with sensitive allergies. However, this is only effective if you purchase a curly coat Maltipoo instead of a wavy coat Maltipoo. maltipoo puppies for sale in nc